Friday, January 2, 2015

PRODUCTS : Best Security & Safety Function
Our Auto gate is made by a group of unique electronic board. This unique function can prevent from burglary cases and human injury. An thus, it can ensure that you love one live in a comfortable and secure surrounding
Unique design
Other than security, Jackpro's automatic gate can beautify your home. Our hardware is designed to fit your special needs. The control arm looks smaller and performs stronger security function to your family and home compared to general market products.
High Quality of the Product
Our product are made in a good and tested condition. We use the best raw materials to manufacture our products. This is to ensure and fulfill our customers satisfaction. All of our product will be sent to test and verify the functionary. Our motor is being housed in a waterproof chassis, and thus the gate's mechanism ID protected from flood and corrosion. You can definitely enjoy a long life product from us.